Hidden Outfit Viewer: Please enable the "Try on" for rooms.

Hidden Outfit Viewer: Please enable the "Try on" for rooms.

Postby Fri » 04 Jan 2021, 20:28

I've decorated my room, published it to the public rooms, but then added more decorations over time which obviously don't transfer to my private inventory version. I can't shop for furniture without trying it on in my room to make sure it goes well together. If this feature was available, I'd use it all the time!


Let me clear up that imvu has a hidden feature where when you take the product link of a room you own in your inventory, go to it's product page and click the "try it" button to try it on in SHOP... it automatically loads all the items you've decorated it with in your inventory room... right into shop.. even works in shop together... so this is very useful when trying to try on and buy products that look nice in your room.

I know technically this is a legal way to go around imvu's normal VIP feature where you can just pop on your inventory room down below more conveniently, but this isn't about what's in our inventory, this is about what's in our public room which can be differently decorated than what's in our inventory. Also, sometimes I have friends that want me to help them shop for items that look good in their public room. Even if they have VIP and put their room on, it won't be the same as their public because usually people end up changing their public version and it doesn't mirror/duplicate into our inventory version.

So yeah, I'd use the hell out of this feature if it were available, just wondering if anyone else was like me and wants this too. Get some votes up in here ♥

It's been brought to my attention that the client may not be able to handle so many products at once. I'm confused by this, but I'm no expert so the "master" would have to look into the details. XD
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