Can you reveal the hidden derives of a mesh?

Can you reveal the hidden derives of a mesh?

Postby Fri » 10 Jan 2021, 15:09

Hi. I really like the hidden catalogue viewer feature and I was wondering if you'd also be able to make a feature where when we look at derivations of a mesh, the feature would also reveal ones that are hidden?

1) I've made meshes for people, and after they derived it, I hide mine from my shop. When I want to use it for an outfit, I rather use theirs in order to help if any want it too, but sometimes the creator double derives, in my cases, they derive off the custom, hide it, and then derive from theirs later when they're ready to make a nice icon and stuff and then submit, and I have a hard time finding it because it's no longer visibly attached to the parent mesh.

2) This feature would also be useful to locate those who were not supposed to derive a product, ex: sometimes we reveal an item for 2-10 min for the customer who paid for exclusivity to quickly derive it, then we hide ours, and during that open window, others sometimes snatch derive it for themselves. This has happened by accident before and it was very sad that I didn't notice until much later because I didn't know their shop and they didn't make sales until later on, and my customer was unhappy with it. Been trying to contact the devs to ask them for their creator reports so I could refund all their customers while I destroy the mesh, but haven't gotten any replies, so you can see the mess this can avoid by finding out sooner with a feature like this.

3) I guess you can also use a feature like this to locate illegal items devs are hiding through hidden derives they've used as a parent mesh to add their illegal files onto.
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